Letterpress Printing at Curmudgeon Press

Letterpress Printing at Curmudgeon Press

While studying at Miami University, I was introduced to one of my greatest passions in life – Letterpress Printing. I took my first letterpress course during my junior year, and continued through the end of my senior year. I was taught by Erin Beckloff, printer extraordinaire and producer of Pressing On: The Letterpress Film. With her guidance, I truly fell in love with letterpress printing. The process of printing is often long and tedious, but I find so much satisfaction and pride when I finally pull a print. There’s something therapeutic and soul warming about working with your hands. At Curmudgeon Press we worked with traditional metal and wood type, along with linoleum carvings. Working with physical type deepened my appreciation and understanding of typography. 

Kurt Vonnegut, 24 x 36. Two color, Woodtype, Metal Type, and Carved Linoleum.

Peep Show, Hand Bound Book. Two color, Wood Type, Metal Type, and Carved Linoleum.


Part of a small artist’s book printed by our ten person class. We were inspired by the history of women’s underwear and wanted to tastefully display the manners in which women have constricted themselves, from corsets to thongs. Both spreads shown were carved, set, and printed by me. The book is hand bound and hardcover.

Curious Creatures, 4 x 6. Two color, Metal Type, and Carved Linoleum.


Part of a set of postcard printed by the class. Each postcard has a unique and obscure animal fact, with the animal hand carved by the printer.

Strangeness. Five-color, Metal and Wood Type.


This print was inspired by a the technique used for this Typoretum Print and the patterns created by the woodgrain on the bottom of large woodtype blocks. To contrast their natural curvature, i set a geometric form and printed two split fountain layers, turning the paper around in between layers. The quote seemed perfect for this odd print, and I couldn’t rest the urge to mix the beautiful woodtype available in the shop.

This print was displayed in the Surface Now Exhibition at Hot Bed Press in Salford, England.

Chunky Print & Valentine’s Day Cards. Two colors, Mix of Wood Type, Metal Type, and Carved Linoleum.

“Chunky” was based on a conversation with a friend and the beautiful, thick wood type in our shop.

The Valentine’s Day Cards were printed by myself and three other students and sold on campus.

Verse. Two colors, Metal type and Hand Brayering.

The movie Dead Poet’s Society had a huge impact on me when I first watched it in high school, and this quote always stuck with me. It reminds me to work harder, be nicer, and truly, why I do what I do. It warms my heart, and so does this simplicity of this print.